Ubik Solutions

Ubik Solutions specializes in implementing state of the art electronic power technologies in renewable energy systems, including the synthesis of new converter topologies, development of special control and protection algorithms, implementation of new components and elaboration of design guidelines to further improve the efficiency, power density, reliability and flexibility of the on-market electronic power converters. Ubik Solutions consists of highly qualified researchers and engineers who are experienced in the applied design of electronic power converters for different power ranges and applications.

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Energiasalv is developing a unique seawater hydroelectric pumped storage power plant (HPSPP) in Estonia at the Neeme granite quarry. The developed power plant provides a significant contribution to security of supply and effective electricity market operations at its different levels, widening the power system services and influencing power regulation prices throughout the Baltic Sea market area, also allowing the integration of a remarkable amount of wind energy into the power grids.

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Gaasijaam is a company developing small & effective combined heat and power (CHP) projects. These integrated energy systems can be modified, depending upon the needs of the thermal energy end user and electricity market expectations.

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